Kim Snape

Labour & Co-operative County Councillor for Chorley Rural East &
Borough Cllr for Heath Charnock & Rivington

Beech Avenue

Following our recent visit several residents raised concerns over the need for an additional grit bin around the Beech Avenue/Brentwood Road area.

County Councillor Snape enquired and received the following response from Lancashire County Council “Officers from Lancashire Highways Service have now conducted an assessment of the location and unfortunately, it does not meet the criteria for a grit bin to be introduced. In addition, there is an existing grit bin close by the location on Lees Road at its junction with Ashfield Road for residents use in that locality.”

On our recent visit this appeared to be a major issue for residents and we disagree that residents of such a big estate should have to go off one grit bin. In response to this please go to and go to the Beech Avenue page. Please download our letter of protest to send to Lancashire County Council asking them to review their decision for another grit bin in the area.

See the link here 

Please email this to or post it to the address on the letter.